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Unite 7SECONDS Glossing Dry Thermal Shine 6oz
7 seconds to glossy hair. An anti-humectant shine spray that’s not only dry and airy, but prov..
Item # RUN-UNI-F7SG06
Unite 7SECONDS Refresher Dry Shampoo 3.8oz
Can you believe that within 7SECONDS your hair can be fresh and clean? Then you are straight out the..
Item # RUN-UNI-F7SR03
Unite Beach Day Texture Spray 8oz
Wanting those beachy, full locks without trying too hard? Beach Day will give you that feeling in mi..
Item # RUN-UNI-FBD08
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Unite BLONDA Fix Treatment 4oz
UNITE'S BLONDA Fix not only strengthens and repairs, it also tones and brightens hair, all in one fo..
Unite BLONDA Oil 4oz
UNITE BLONDA Oil is specially formulated just for blondes. This deeply hydrating oil shines, seals, ..
Item # RUN-UNI-LBO04
Unite Blow & Set Lotion 2oz
Lift, curl, sculpt, smooth, create shape. WOW! Is there anything that this product can’t do? F..
Item # RUN-UNI-LBS02
$10.94 $13.50
Unite Boing Curl Leave-In Conditioner 8oz
Boing and re-boing! BOING Curl Leave-In de-tangles, protects and refreshes curly hair by delive..
Unite Boing Moisture Curl Cream 8oz
Moisture and bounce in every ounce. BOING Moisture Curl Cream keeps hydration in and humidity o..
Unite Boosta Shampoo 2oz
Need a boost? Craving a shampoo with rich, thick lather that builds body, weightless volume AND leav..
$10.94 $13.50
Unite Conundrum Paste 2oz
It's a wax! It's a paste! It's a cream! It's all of the above! Be creative and create any look from ..
Unite Creamy Styling Paste 2oz
Shape. Create. Originate. Mold CREAMY any way you like. Gain lift, add thickness, achieve separation..
Item # RUN-UNI-LCP02
Unite Doggy Poo Leave In Conditioner 8oz
UNITE Doggy Detangler is a NEW gentle leave in conditioner that will leave your fur-babies with a we..
Unite Doggy Poo Shampoo 16oz
A Clean Dog For A Good Cause: Doggy ‘Poo by UNITE has oatmeal to soothe the skin along with Ar..
Unite Elevate Mousse 6oz
Not your 80's, crunchy mousse, but an innovative weightless foam that will ELEVATE your hair for a f..
Item # RUN-UNI-LEM06
Unite Expanda Dust Volumizing Powder 4oz
It’s magic! With just a puff you can get more volume and texture than you’ve ever imagin..
Item # RUN-UNI-LED04
Unite GO365 Hairspray 10oz
3 Hairsprays all in one? Impossible… or maybe not! Just turn the nozzle to the desired streng..
Item # RUN-UNI-FGH10
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Unite Lé:Play Hairspray 10oz
Meet Lé:Play Hairspray, a workable, light to medium flexible-hold hairspray that’s stro..
Item # RUN-UNI-FLP10
Unite Liquid Volume 4oz
Build body, instantly, without adding weight. Sound like a miracle? This texturizing spray perform..
Item # RUN-UNI-FLV04
Unite Max Control Strong Spray 10oz
Freeze-frame the shape and style you want or spot spray as you wish. It’s a great feeling know..
Item # RUN-UNI-FMC10
Unite Pro-System 3-In-1 Curling Wand - Grey
Get twisted. UNITE Pro-System 3-in-1 Curling Iron has 3 Tourmaline Infused Ceramic Barrel attachment..